3 Ways to Boost Your Brand and Profitability

By Flavilla Fongang, branding expert and founder, www.3coloursrule.com .


The ability to communicate your brand effectively and your profitability are interlinked. Your brand is not just your logo. It goes beyond your colour scheme, website design and the language that you use. Your brand is how you make your customers feel. It is an emotional connection with consumers, communicated through the senses. It is every interaction that a member of your staff has with a customer. It is how your team communicate internally and externally. Knowing and understanding this will help you to build a more profitable brand. So, how else can you do this? Read on.


Focus on your purpose and unique values rather than your products/service


Yes, that’s right. Your products and services should come second. Why?

Because, when you understand your purpose, what your brand represents, and your unique values, you will be able to create products and services that serve your customers. Positioning in the marketplace is everything. Every business needs a foundation, and your purpose and values are the foundation. Everything else is built up from this place, so it should come first, followed by your products and services.


Transform your clients into brand advocates


People often think they have to spend a huge amount on marketing, year on year. They don’t. The truth is, your clients can be your biggest form of advertising. If you focus on wooing your clients and giving them the best service you can, they will tell the world about you and become brand advocates. I have seen this played out time and time again. People talk. Especially when something makes them feel good. Give your clients a transformation experience every time they encounter you. If you are a service-based business, remember the small details, like sending cards on relevant anniversary’s, and even if you can’t do things like that, aim to be the best. You can’t argue with the best. Your customers will spread your name far and wide.  It’s also worth noting that recommendations carry a lot of weight. Your customer’s words have power.



Innovate or die. It’s as simple as that. In order to boost your brand and your profitability, you must innovate. Look at the high street. We are hearing of shops going into administration on an almost monthly basis. One of the biggest examples of this is the video rental chain, Blockbusters. Blockbusters got swallowed up by the digital age. They tried to adapt, but it was too late, and the death knells sounded. Brands need to stay ahead of the curve. As a business owner, it is your job to observe trends and adapt. Or die.