5 Magic Ingredients to Success

By John Lamerton, author of “BIG Ideas… for Small Businesses”



If you want to give yourself a better chance of success, you can use these 5 magic ingredients to give yourself an infinitely better chance of actually achieving it.


Every single one of these “magic ingredients” actually contains no “magic” at all – they’re just routines, habits and characteristics that your average, everyday, bog-standard human can use to APPEAR super-human. And they’re the building blocks on which I’ve built my

businesses over the last two decades.            



Magic ingredient #1 – GOALS



It’s safe to say that most people who’ve ever read a personal development book, watched a documentary, or listened to a podcast will have heard about the importance of goal setting.


Without a goal, how do you know where you’re heading? What you’re aiming for? What the destination is? And if you don’t know the destination, how do you know if you’re on course?


If a 747 sits on the runway at Heathrow Airport and wants to fly to JFK Airport in New York, the pilots will put together a flight plan, plotting the exact route they’re going to take. They don’t just take off, turn left and hope for the best. Then they spend the next eight hours constantly re-calculating their trajectory, to make sure they stay on the plan.


That’s what you need to do with your goals. Otherwise, who knows where you might end up?



Magic ingredient #2 – DESIRE



What’s the difference between “Can’t” and “Don’t want to”?


It’s your desire.


Too many people say they “can’t” do things, that they’re actually perfectly capable of, but just don’t want to do. They don’t have sufficient desire to do it, so they shut their brain down by saying “I can’t do that”.


Do you mean you’re not capable of doing it?


Or did you mean you don’t WANT to do it?


Most people fail to achieve their goals because they don’t DESIRE them enough to do the nasty stuff that’s needed to get the job done.


If my goal is a washboard stomach, with rock-hard abs, then I’ve got to REALLY desire that goal in order to resist all the temptations that will come my way over the prolonged period of time that those muscles are going to develop.


Which do I desire more? Abs or Cake? Ben & Jerry’s or sit-ups?


Steamed broccoli or chocolate brownie?


Mmmm, brownie…





Magic ingredient #3 – KNOWLEDGE



Pretty much every major city in the world has at least one library, where you can go for free, and read books – books that have been written by people who have already done what it is that you want to do.


They’ve taken the time to document the blueprint for your success, and you can have it – for free!


There’s so much knowledge out there for you to tap into – whether that’s audiobooks, documentaries, podcasts, white papers, YouTube videos, online courses, offline courses, and of course traditional books and magazines.


I dare say you’re carrying a mobile phone around with you now, which, most likely, will have access to the Internet . That means that you’re carrying around the entire collection of all human knowledge – since the dawn of time, in your pocket, all day, every day.


How do you think I went from being a civil servant, who knew nothing about the Internet , or marketing, to someone who owned an Internet marketing company?




I was like a sponge those first few years – whether it was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” or “Internet Marketing for Dummies”, if I wasn’t working the day job, or I wasn’t working in the business, I had a book in my hands.


The more I learned, the more I earned.



Magic ingredient #4 – ENVIRONMENT



Not to be confused with Greenpeace, melting icecaps or global warming – this is the environment that you surround yourself with. The people you hang around with, what you choose to watch and listen to, how you spend your spare time.


Just as what you put in your mouth affects your health, what you put in your eyes and ears affects your wealth.


I don’t watch the soaps, X-Factor, or celebrity paint-drying (I hardly watch any TV in fact) – I’ve replaced inane TV junk with documentaries and YouTube videos.


I’ve replaced listening to the radio with listening to audiobooks and podcasts, and I’ve replaced drunken chats with Dodgy Dave at the pub, with quality networking with successful people.


This stuff works like osmosis. It just can’t help but rub off on you.


You literally do become a product of your environment.


Junk in, junk out.


Success in, success out.



Magic ingredient #5 – ACTION!




This is THE vital ingredient.


What you know doesn’t matter, it’s what you DO that counts.


Let’s assume “I want to fit in the 30-inch jeans by the time I go on holiday” is your goal.


Once you’re absolutely sure that you DESIRE it badly enough to put up with the pain of doing what’s necessary, you’ve got the blueprint for how you’re going to get there (KNOWLEDGE), and you’ve adjusted your ENVIRONMENT accordingly – you’ve bought the lycra and the running shoes, and your fridge is full of fruit and veg, what happens then?


Do you automatically slide into those jeans on the morning of your holiday? Of course you bloody don’t.


You’ve got to actually WEAR the lycra and RUN in the running shoes.


You’ve got to actually EAT the fruit and veg.


You’ve got to do more activity at the gym than just taking selfies and making playlists.


Take some ACTION.


You know what you’re going to ACHIEVE by doing it (#1 – GOALS).


You know WHY you need to do it (#2 – DESIRE).


You know WHAT you need to do (#3 – KNOWLEDGE)


Everything is in place to HELP you do it (#4 – ENVIRONMENT).


All that remains is for YOU to actually DO it.


One step… at a time… One foot… in front… of the other.




And then sit back and watch the “magic” happen.






About the author:


40 year old John is the author of “BIG Ideas… for Small Businesses”, a book that went straight to the Number One spot in the bestsellers list in the Internet giants’ Small Business and Entrepreneurship section, ahead of books by more established authors like Sir Richard Branson, Duncan Bannatyne and Lord Sugar – and remains there so far.