5 Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Marketing Videos

By Folake Bee, founder, www.beelinefilms.com.


  1. The Idea


What’s the idea? Whatever it is, you need to be creative.


It is important to start with a plan or even a script. One that gets viewers engaged from the beginning and is not too obviously selling your product or service.


Having an end goal to keep the audience engaged and with a desire to want to share the video is great for marketing.


Ideas that usually work include incorporating drama, comedy/humour, audience interaction, good music etc. By incorporating some or any of these, your videos will have depth.


  1. The Visuals


A properly done video is more pleasing to the eye.


Even when done in-house, you should still aim for quality. Not only for your audience, but if you are in the business of selling or providing quality products/services, your video should reflect this.


You could use visuals that psychologically draw audiences into the story, the plot, or the actors. Simple art direction on costumes, colours, set and stills are some of the ways you can pull your audience into the story.


In addition, when posting your video onto social media platforms, chose thumbnails that are eye catching and intriguing, so that your video has a better chance of being clicked on.


  1. The Content


The length of online videos is very important.


In addition to the fact that we are spoilt for choice with online videos, the attention span of your audience may be limited to their busy lifestyle.


It is therefore advisable to keep videos between two to three minutes long, (there are exceptional cases, where longer versions could work) or perhaps release them in a series.


Music is also very important to keep the tempo high. Music gives your video atmosphere, you might be surprised at the impact music has on your audience.



  1. The Technique


Sound is 50% of a film.


You might get away with bad picture, but never bad sound. There are two options here, a lapelier or a directional mic, like a shotgun. A lapelier should be clipped onto clothes and be either visible or hidden. A shotgun mic can be suspended over head.


With lighting, it’s good to have at least one light on the subject’s face. A soft light is best placed at a 3/4 angle to one side of the face. If you have a second light this can be placed behind the subject as a rim light to give separation from the background.


With the Camera, you should place it at eye height, if that most suits the look you’re trying to achieve, and get a nice frame on your subject keeping them a little off centre. We would recommend that you do a bit of study on camera, composition, camera angle, and codecs etc


  1. Call to Action


There is no point to your video if your audience is not engaged.


Incorporating a call to action into your video will not only help achieve a good ROI but will also help you to monitor its impact. What do you want to happen when people watch your video?


There are various ways you can incorporate a call to action depending on your audience. For example, if your call to action is aimed at wanting a group of people to participate or engage with your brand, you could direct them via your video to a ‘landing page’ where they could contribute to, or participate with your project.


If the budget allows, you could integrate a direct response into the video where users can perhaps vote on say, how the story ends? These are just a few examples, there are many more!