Advice and Tips for Women in the Blockchain Industry

Marie Tatibouet, CMO at Gate Technology.


The blockchain industry is growing larger by the day and shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.  However, despite this vast growth it was recorded in May this year by that only around 5% of those in the blockchain industry are female. Although it is clearly a predominantly male dominated industry, women are taking up roles in the sector increasingly and making an impact, leading the way in some major projects and influencing the industry.


Advice & Tips


Since the founding of blockchain technology in 2009 it has been constantly evolving, with the number of Blockchain wallet users recorded at 28 million in September 2018. Staying on top of the latest developments can be both challenging and demanding in order to stay ahead of the competitive environment. There is a lot to learn within the blockchain space, so it is essential to make sure you take the time to really understand the information available – don’t worry if it takes you some time to fully take it in! Although there are the ‘basics’ to follow, there is also more in-depth, technical materials and the need to learn and stay on top of the latest news. Ensuring you are aware of reliable sources is also crucial as there are a lot of unreliable ones out there, which could result in a loss of trust.


With the industry being mainly male dominated, females often find themselves being in the minority at events, which can be both a blessing and a curse. When it’s a blessing, make the most of it, be all about the tech, make good connections and represent yourself and your company. When it’s a curse, excuse yourself and move on as life is too short. Make sure you are confident in yourself and your company and you will be sure to make a positive   impression.




There are many benefits to increasing the number of women in technology and blockchain sectors. Diversity is hugely important and makes both products and experiences better, giving the industry access to a greater range of talent and skills. It has also been found that businesses are more credible and profitable if they show diversity in the workplace and their team of employees. Blockchain is already diverse in terms of geographical location, due to blockchain being born on the internet, therefore it is accessible globally and adopted by numerous cultures. This being said, diversity in gender has improved in the recent years, however, it is still heavily dominated by males.


Everyone in any industry, always strives for growth and mass adoption. Women aren’t just 50% of the population, but they also often hold a larger purchasing power than their partners. The combination of both women and men within the industry compliments one another and creates an environment that is more accepting. In the blockchain field, there are practices that could be implemented in order to better accept women in the blockchain industry. An example of this could be to have a greater number of females speaking at events, as well as a more female focus at events, such as the ‘Women in Blockchain’ conference. Women in Blockchain events are hugely successful, helping to build a support system for women already in the industry, those who want to get involved or just simply learn more about it. In addition, more coverage of the work females are doing within the industry should be broadcast, reflecting achievements and giving women the credit they deserve.


The Future


Providing customers with efficiency and transparency has always been the main aim and the reason Bitcoin was invented. Today, efficiency is the basis of all technologies, whereas transparency is a fairly new goal for technologies. Unfortunately, transparency is not on the top of the list for many blockchain companies, as trust is much more of a priority. Without trust, you have no customers. This being said, the early adopters who have always had transparency as a key value are spreading the vision. Without transparency, customers are provided with a lack of clear instructions and guidelines. In recent years, we have seen the industry punishing those who don’t demonstrate transparency. This can be seen as a positive factor and a great step towards the future, showing further regulation and security.


It is an exciting time for the blockchain industry and a time to look forward to tech being transformed my womens visions, exceeding and developing opportunities. As blockchain becomes more mainstream we hope to see an improvement in gender diversity.