Alfa Romeo Stelvio

More known for its spritely and oh so pretty run arounds and race-honed design masterpieces such as the 8C, the introduction of an imposing SUV is a brave departure for Alfa Romeo.  It’s a risk that’s paid off though, as the Stelvio has been largely very well received as a stylish, sporty and spacious model perfect for busy family or corporate life – and a viable alternative to premium priced models from likes of Porsche and BMW.


With plenty more kerb appeal than most of its rivals, it’s evident Alfa’s aim to produce cars with stunning lines continues.  Out on the road our Stelvio received plenty of admiring glances and was the instigator of many a conversation about this exciting brand moving in to SUV territory with ease.   Striking and a refreshing departure from typical boxy cars of this type, the model stands out in all the best ways.

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On entering the cabin, Alfa’s flair for design continues and you can see clear inspiration from the acclaimed Giulia.  There’s plenty of features and flourishes to please – such as a rear camera, 8.8-inch infotainment and satnav screen, stylish 20-inch alloys, large aluminium pedals, and an abundance of attractive and durable looking materials throughout.    Space wise, there’s ample up front, but, because of the sloping sleek lines, it can feel a little on the dark and cosy side for large and tall rear passengers.  The seating position is lower than competitor models though and adds to the over all sporty feel.

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Taken for a spin the model on test proved smooth, slick and rapid.  With a respectable 6.6 second 0-62 sprint and excellent gearing, acceleration is a breeze and it’s a rewarding model to drive.   Economy is pretty good too – achieving around the 45mpg mark during the loan – beating most in its class.   Handling and ride-wise the Stelvio feels centred and agile, with remarkably good traction even through fast and tight bends – feeling much more like a ‘normal’ car than a pretty sizeable SUV.   It’s well worth paying the extra for all-wheel drive.   For well under the £50,000 mark, Alfa’s Stelvio represents a lot of car for the money and would grace any drive.


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White Car Images  :   Luke Penny