Are You Trapped In The Entrepreneurial Box?

By Runa Magnus.


Remember the time you had that entrepreneurial bug?  Gosh, what a fun process that was?


If you are anything like myself and my countless clients worldwide, I bet in your early days, weeks, months even years of starting your business you’ve got up every morning feeling inspired.  Your head was full of inspirational ideas that you just knew would make such a difference in your client’s lives.  Your ideas were turned into powerful excel sheets,  strategies to execute these ideas.


Getting investors might have been a challenge, but hey, you were learning and loving to learn as you could literally feel yourself expanding into something so powerful and exciting.


Each day was filled with new opportunities. Remember how amazing it felt when you took the first steps to expand your business, hired people, experts into various roles?
Oh yeah.  Every task, every project you take on in this process is an exciting challenge.


Then one day, just like out of the blue, something hits you.


Things are not as much fun as it used to be.  What used to be an exciting challenge is becoming a task you are finding you are procrastinating.   Your team is no longer inspiring, the go-getters you loved working with.  They too are draining you.  Instead of the freedom, you felt you had when you started the process, you are feeling trapped, constrained.


What’s happening? You might be asking yourself.


Both being an entrepreneur and an investor and working closely with high-achieving entrepreneurs and investors worldwide there are traps and hurdles on the way that might sometimes come across as invisible, limiting and often isolating boxes.


What do I mean by invisible, limiting and isolating boxes?

I’m talking about the human mental habit of thinking in “boxes” – it’s the metaphor for the generalizations, classifications, and stereotypes that shape our thoughts and, ultimately, our lives.


Being an entrepreneur or an investor is no exception to the rule here.  It might sound absurd to just one day feel you are being trapped in the entrepreneurial box.  That box could have started as a good box, perhaps even great box.  A box where you envisioned yourself having all the freedom in the world can one day feel like a bad or simply an ugly box.  And falling into that bad or ugly box can sometimes feel like it slowly sneaked behind you… saying: Booooo!


How did this happen? Well…we are living in turbulent times. Conflict and social unrest seem to be everywhere, and rapid technological changes are only adding to the cultural upheavals. Uncertainty – about the future, about ourselves – looms large in the collective consciousness of humanity.


Some of the ugliest boxes you could find yourself trapped in are the boxes that are related to your mindset, your belief system.  All of the ‘should’s’ you’ve might have been telling yourself you should do, have, be.


  • I ‘should’ not show my emotions as the leader in my business
  • I ‘should’ not take things personally
  • I ‘should’ not let someone have that influence in me
  • I ‘should’ work long hours
  • I ‘should’ take care of business first
  • I ‘should’ be in charge of everything in my business
  • I ‘should’ know what everyone in my team is doing
  • I ‘should’ not be funny with my team, they will not take me seriously if I do
  • I ‘should’ have a 7 figure business by now
  • I ‘should’ be happy with my 7 figure business
  • I ‘should’ be respected by my team
  • I ‘should’ be on the VIP lists to all the important parties
  • I ‘should’ I ‘should’ I should’…


These boxes are often so hidden, so invisible because the drivers behind them could have been formed thousands of years ago (culture), they could be because of the status you’ve always thought you needed to have to feel fulfilled, happy, successful or it’s linked to something someone told you as a kid and without really thinking about why that incident is driving you forward, you just keep using that memory as ‘the real truth’.


But is there a realistic path towards liberation, peace, and happiness for you and your business as an entrepreneur?


Yes, there is a way to move from that bad or even ugly box into a box that is more nurturing, fulfilling and empowering for yourself and for others around you.   As the leader of your company, your wellbeing will always mirror and affect your team, your internal brand and your internal brand will always affect your external brand.  So we are talking about quite an important topic for the well being of yourself and your business.


Understanding your box is crucial.  If you are not aware of what box you are in, nothing will change for you.


Therefore, the first step is AWARENESS.  Being in touch with who you are, what you stand for, what makes you feel in your natural flow of vitality.  Your motive in life and work might have changed over the course of the years.  Your WHY might have shifted.   Your passion might have changed.


And finally the great news!

In the research for the book: The Story of Boxes, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly (launched 11.11.18) we’ve found out a 3 step framework that truly works its magic.  If you can’t wait for the book to come out, you can also seek for a assistance from a good business or life coach who can help you and your team to get out of that limiting, isolating and lonely box into a box that gives you space to continue to grow as an entrepreneur and/or an investor.



Runa is the co-author of The Story Of Boxes, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly (out 11th November 2018), leader of the #NoMoreBoxes movement and founder of The Change Makers. She is an internationally acclaimed personal branding specialist, author of Branding Your X Factor, and awarded multi-entrepreneur. To take part of the #NoMoreBoxesMovement you can make a donation here: