Award-Winning Chef Anna Haugh Turns up the Heat in the BBR Kitchen

Since Bob Bob Ricard opened its doors in late 2008, this Soho favourite has become known around the world for its exuberant style. Eccentric design, joyful, meticulous service and, of course, those ‘Press For Champagne’ buttons, have always been a guarantee, but now a new menu will ensure Leonid Shutov’s restaurant is as much recognised for its food as for its ambience.


Under the helm of executive chef Anna Haugh, one of London’s most distinctive menus has been skillfully finessed, with flavour, technique and refinement led by one guiding principle – that the fun of Bob Bob Ricard’s food remains.


So, the starter of beetroot and goat’s cheese has become a playful little gateau, a layered miniature cake of golden beets and curd, topped with pecans. Chicken Kiev pokes gentle fun at a childhood memory whilst the Crispy Pork Belly towers over the plate in all its pyramid-like glory. But some things remain constant: Anna loved the granddaddy of the menu, Beef Wellington, believing that the only fine-tuning needed was the sourcing of a rich-flavoured, marbled fillet from her native Ireland.


As his chef began to work on the food evolution, so Leonid spent months scouring Europe for the perfect manufacturer for his bespoke crystal champagne and wine glasses and fine bone china.  The fruits of both their labours are about to be unveiled to the public.


Commented Anna, “Leonid launched Bob Bob Ricard to be glamorous and eccentric but also great fun. Coming to work here has been like a breath of fresh air. We have worked very hard to create a menu that will please our regulars but appeal to die hard foodies too. We can’t wait to show it off.”


Bob Bob Ricard opened in November 2008 in Soho, leading the vanguard for an area that has since seen an avalanche of acclaimed restaurant launches. Leonid Shutov, whose Russian heritage influences many of the dishes on the menu, is, by his own admission, a design addict and the beneficiary of a mild case of OCD.


Anna Haugh has worked in many top kitchens in her years as a chef, picking up skills and techniques from some of the world’s greatest Michelin-starred cooks. She opened Gordon Ramsay’s London House bringing it three AA Rosettes in very short order. Anna recently starred in acclaimed BBC1 series Royal Recipes, which saw her cook British regal food from past to present. She began working at Bob Bob Ricard in May 2016.


Bob Bob Ricard, 1 Upper James Street, Soho, W1F 9DF.