Sunday, April 23, 2017

Luxury Yachts

Monaco Boat Show: 5 Must See Highlights

Few industry trade shows can lay claim to offer the glamour, jaw-dropping designs and pure scale that defines the annual Monaco Yacht Show. And this year, the 25th edition of the show, will be...

Private Yacht Charter – the Ultimate Caribbean Getaway

The white sandy beaches and clear warm seas of the Caribbean offer respite from a bleak British winter. St Lucia’s Cap Maison or Sandy Lane in Barbados will never go out of fashion, but...

Sunseeker 80

The stunning Sunseeker 80 luxury cruiser must be one for the bucket list this spring, if you’ve the odd £6.5million to spare. Few craft unless you jump up to £10m plus...

Luxury Yacht Charter

Hosting the afterparty of the season has never been easier with Apache II 44m yacht. With an 18 metre sun deck onboard Apache II, this 44m Baglietto yacht offers far...

World’s Most Powerful Electric Drive Powerboat Concept Unveiled

‘Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept’ ready to own the waves

Sunseeker’s New Predator 68 Yacht

Leaves others trailing in its wake

New Mercedes Benz Yacht In Development

Luxury car brand announce new yacht plans for 2013