How to be a successful entertainment entrepreneur

Asher Grant is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK entertainment industry.  We caught up with him recently to discover the secrets behind this success and find out what advice he can share with our readers.


Could you tell us about The London REIGN and your philosophy how to run a London show club?
REIGN is a Vegas inspired night club in the heart of London. Our philosophy is that every client coming into our venue should have an experience. from the moment you walk in we want you to have a night that you have never had in London before.
What are the top 3 tips you would give someone who wants to open a venue in London and how to make it work?

I would say:

  1. Build a great team around you. No one can succeed in any business by themselves so having partners and employees who excel where you don’t is key!
  2. Be prepared to work harder than you ever thought possible. London nightlife is one of the most competitive industries in the world, you have to out work your competition every week to stay ahead of the pack.
  3. Be patient when looking for a venue. They aren’t easy to come by but that doesn’t mean the first one that come available is necessarily the best option for you. Patience is a much undervalued virtue.
The London REIGN has welcomed many A-list celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Jason Derulo, Tyga, Brooklyn Beckham, Jamie Foxx and Michael B Jordan… What is the secret to attract these celebrities?

I think it’s about respecting their privacy while creating an environment they feel safe in to let loose a little. They are followed by cameras and live under the spotlight 24/7. It nice to be able to go somewhere they know they won’t be bothered.

What was it about Piccadilly Circus (the “Times Square” of London) that attracted you to open a venue there?

I had my eye on the venue for a long time. As well as its obvious proximity to the majority of the best restaurants and 5* hotels in London, it was the buildings history and unique (high ceiling) design that I couldn’t ignore (we installed a moving acrobats rig so clients can have their bottles delivered to the from the sky).

What has been the best night at The London REIGN and why?

It’s hard to pinpoint one, there have been so many. But I remember the first time Jason Derulo performed for us. It was like a private 400 person concert. The energy was electric. He certainly set he bar for all of the artists to come!

What will be your next biggest act to perform?

We have Snoop performing in April.

Sustainability is the topic of the moment – how have you had to change how you run your operations since you first started and what innovations are you looking to introduce in the future to make sure your businesses are sustainable?

We have instigated a “single use plastic” free statement at REIGN. Everyone looks at the big companies like coca cola to make the changes but it’s down to the small _ medium business’ too. We’ve also started ‘REIGN cares’ which ads £1 to our table bills in an effort to raise money for environmental causes. Its early in our journey but we feel we can’t ignore what’s happening in the planet right now.

We understand you have a new grab and go food concept you are opening up in London with your New York business partner Laurent Manuel. Can you give us any insight into what the concept is and when the launch will be?

Yes, we are opening an egg based grab and go casual dining concept called EggRun across London. The emphasis is on delicious healthy food, prepared (quickly) in front of you at a responsible price point. We’ll be opening aggressively across London in the following years and (you guessed it) we’re single use plastic free there too!