How to Create a Successful Beauty Business

 Karen Thomson, owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa, shares her top five tips on how to set up a successful beauty business….



1.Have a business plan in place


Prior to setting up a beauty business, it’s crucial to have a business plan in place that’s solid and includes information on your business objectives, goals, market research and also financial forecasts. It’s also important within this to have business targets that are realistic to help your business adapt and grow. Looking at market research, you will be able to establish what services and treatments you should and will want to provide and at what cost. The business plan can also help you with figuring out what you will need to spend in your business on things such as business rates, staff wages etc. so it’s key to have this in place prior to opening your business.


  1. Stand out from the crowd


To be successful in an industry that is highly competitive is difficult, so it’s important that you offer something different from your competitors to stand out and have people who will travel the extra mile to go to YOUR beauty salon. To stand out from the crowd can be simple, decide your target market first of all and choose treatments and products that will appeal to them, customer service is so important people want more than just the service they want to be really looked after, keep a good level of stock so it’s available for clients and shows you believe in the brand you promote. It’s important that your salon finds a way to stand out in order to get people visiting your beauty business instead of others.


  1. Have the right staff


This is crucial when owning a beauty business, as staff must be qualified and experienced in order to provide your clients with the very best beauty services, as well as the very best customer service. It’s so important to find the right staff, who you can trust and know will be an asset to your business and want to help make it grow and succeed and will want to grow and succeed themselves too.


  1. Promotion


Communication is crucial to a beauty businesses success and publicity and marketing is a great way to get your brand/salon name out there and does not need to be very expensive. Whether you advertise in local magazines and papers or online, this can be a great help towards gaining new clients and shout about your beauty business. It’s also very beneficial for your beauty salon to have marketing procedures such as monthly newsletters, emails and texts that can be sent to your clients to keep them informed of the latest deals, competitions, and new products and to generally keep them informed of what is going on in the salon. These procedures allow clients to feel that the salon cares about them and they are special in order to keep those clients coming back and recommending to friends and family.


  1. Have a great website and engaging social media platforms


A salon website is a reflection on the salon itself and therefore should look great, be current and easy for clients to use. Having a website that looks good, functional and informative will engage your clients and will make them more likely to visit. Therefore, if you have a booking system on your website, be sure to make sure this is easy for your clients to use. Have a great welcome page that will really stand out, as well as other pages a client may be interested in looking at, such as price lists and also a blog. Never underestimate the power of the personal touch; clients will love to hear news on your blog on what the salon has been up to. News on award wins work particularly well and will show professionalism of the salon to your existing client and new clients. Your salons social media can be used for many things, including getting feedback and recommendations from clients, which can result in new clients and retail sales for the salon too. Social media is a great tool for allowing salons to engage with their clients, to promote brand loyalty, build relationships and spread awareness of your brand. It’s rare that a client will not have social media, so it’s the perfect platform to communicate with your clients and keep them engaged with your salon, whether it’s by creating posts that ask your clients questions, by hosting giveaways or showcasing pictures of beauty therapists work.


About KAM Hair and Body Spa

KAM Hair and Body Spa has been in business for 26 years and it has grown consistently. Even through recessions and other difficulties this salon bucks the trend and just keeps on going. Many businesses are struggling, cutting back and even closing, but not KAM, it just keeps on succesding. The salon is based in a small town that has no town centre, but the owner Karen Thomson and her fantastic team have created a haven for everyone, a destination salon that clients love to travel from miles around to for all of their hair and beauty needs.