How to Make and Protect Investments in Art Through Blockchain Technology

In light of recent developments in cryptocurrency and the rise of blockchain as a powerful force in the world of online investments, ArtMarketGuru have released an industry report focused on blockchain in relation to the art market.

As the world’s leading software platform for digital assets, blockchain offers buyers the opportunity to conduct transactions with no intermediary, and greatly impacts the digital economy. Recently stated as one of the fastest growing skill categories by CNBC, understanding blockchain technology is fast becoming a valuable and sought-after asset in business as more and more transactions begin to move into a digital sphere.

The report provides investors the information they need to understand the basics of blockchain technology, how it applies to areas where the technology intersects art markets, and the issues to deliberate when considering investment. How to Make and Protect Investments in Art through Blockchain Technology identifies main due diligence points for each application of blockchain on the art market, providing information on how the technology will impact art sales, authentication, transport and insurance, amongst other considerations.

This expert industry report is the perfect companion for investors and art market players seeking to understand the basics of this evolving technology.

Founder of ArtMarketGuru, Frederic de Senarclens says:

“Blockchain technology has proved to be a powerful force in the world of cryptocurrency. With developments occurring each day in this emerging technology, this report is perfect for those seeking to understand what blockchain is all about. In relation to the art market, blockchain has several important functions, promising to revolutionise the world of art buying and helping to make it as operationally transparent as any other sector.”

The Blockchain 2018 Report is $349 and is available to buy from
Further reports from ArtMarketGuru will expand on artists and collectors, and provide informed and comprehensive data from across the globe.