How to Run your Business with Intuition, Heart and Soul

By Jody Shield.


I’m an “entrepreneur” – mostly in the way I behave, and in my mindset. I’m agile, ready to jump on an opportunity, be fearless and leap into the unknown. I’ve learned how to thrive in a world of uncertainty. I’ve learned to push boundaries, expand into new spaces, and invite others to join me, on a regular basis.

I’m dedicated to transformation, and human performance and how to enhance our existing assets.

Entrepreneurs regularly use intuition, insight and energy to maintain excitement and enthusiasm for life and new projects, and to get people to invest into their vision. I see this process (which is often “unconscious”) as a spiritual practice. It’s the process of being aware of yourself, your intuition or inner GPS, and sensing when and where to make a move. This is an important characteristic of a entrepreneur which must be cultivated and focused on. When your intuition is sharp and clear, and you are “in-flow” in your life and more present, your business and career will up-level and become even more successful.

When “in-flow”, you are more confident, fearless and bold and will feel naturally drawn to certain people. Creativity, wealth and new business flows through the connections you make when you open yourself up and be ready and available.

When we’re clear headed, excited and are able to tap into a joyful, playful mindset, the energy we create is like a catalyst, an accelerator to propel things forward.

Life is incredible to me, full of opportunities to grow, transform, shift and create an abundance of wealth and success. And you can do it with soul. Mindfully. Truthfully. Authentically.

This is my work now, to integrate the world of enterprise with the world of intuition, soul and energy. And how when you have this “spiritual” or “holistic” understanding of business, it moves you into alignment, and gives you an edge.

I worked for 10 years as a business director in ad agencies, I know how to work hard. I handled multi-million pound budgets, sold in creative ideas and serviced the most demanding of clients. And when I left the ad world, I was broken, exhausted, drained and struggling to figure out what my purpose was.

I believe we ALL have a purpose. Something we’re here to do. Something that we’ll jump out bed in the morning to begin again and again. Something that comes from your soul – a deeper, wiser, knowing aspect who is waiting silently in the wings to guide you, to direct you and give you insight – as and when you want it. From your soul comes a powerful reason “why” you’re here doing what you do. A reason to drive you forward, a story, a passion, an ambition. A force behind the mind / personality that drives you when nothing else will. Finding that purpose, tapping into it and using it to create something meaningful in the world is our goal.

We’re here to create. We’re here to expand. We’re here to inspire. And we don’t always realise it. Most of us use a fraction of our potential, like we’re living a half-life and not aware enough to know that there’s more.

When you’re acting from alignment, from a place of clarity and soul, decisions you make feel easy, effortless…people and things will start to be magnetised into your life. You’ll speak to the “right” people at the “right” time, and it’ll all feel in synch.

My top 3 tools for running a “soulful’ business:

1. Meditate every morning: it gets you clear, focused and flowing with energy for the day ahead. The way you begin your day is so very important and it influences the rest of the day you’re going to have!

2. Slow Down: breathe, create space to be still. You will have more insights, more clarity and more creative flow when you do. Being still is as important to being busy in relation to running a successful business.

3. Be mindful about the words you’re using: everything is energy, and it’s important to maintain the energy flow. Certain words are “blockers” and will put a rock / stone in the way. Words like “just” and “but” create interference in the energy flow – remove these from your vocabulary. Use words like “Yes” on repeat to raise your energy levels

Ultimately, being a soulful entrepreneur and having a deeper sense of self-awareness and intuition will only serve to enhance your business.

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