Learn how to think disruptively and innovate effectively

Milton Keynes-based innovation consultancy room44 wants businesses to think disruptively and innovate effectively so they’re well prepared to thrive in future markets. To help clients achieve this, room44 has announced a series of training events that will teach companies how to change their perspective and adopt a more consumer-centric way of working.


September’s training programme will run at venues in Milton Keynes, Oxford and Cambridge, and offers a range of options, including half-day and full-day workshops. Tristan Allen of room44 understands that businesses struggle to find the time to plan an innovation strategy. “Most businesses spend 90% of their time on what they do now – the short-term, and 10% on what to do in the medium term. But it’s crucial that they find time to develop a long-term strategy. Our training process teaches them how to release the resource they already have, to plan for innovation and future growth.”


room44 uses Design Thinking* to transform business outlook, bring ideas to life and deliver profit through innovation. The new training programme is split into three half-day options; a full-day course that combines all three; and an online email version of the course for the truly time-poor.


  1. Trends and Signals: see things differently

Learn how trends inform your view of the market and how different trends combine to build a picture of the market conditions into which a new product or service will launch.


  1. Focus on Transformation

Design Thinking is logical, but the more creatively you can apply it, the better the outcome. Working through real-life scenarios suggested by delegates, this module puts into practice tricks of the trade from expert practitioners.


  1. Making It Stick: a Culture of Change.

Being the catalyst for change in your company takes tenacity, energy and skill. room44 coaching prepares you for the task ahead and equips you to set the scene, identify the blockers, and prepare mitigation techniques.


Tristan continues: “The decision to step back and see your company from the perspective of your consumers can have a huge impact on your business’s long-term prospects. Our courses make a difference by focusing on real-life situations. Every workshop takes on a direction of its own, because we adapt the content to the people in the room.”

To see more detail about room44’s Design Thinking workshops and to book your place, visit https://room44.co.uk/innovation-workshops/. Businesses can also combine all three sessions into a single day.