Living Room Designs to Make Your Home Look Luxe

The living room is a space that we’re naturally drawn to; the room where we rest and relax in the evening, where we can forget work worries and the other commitments that dominate our lives. Spending as much time in it as you do, you need your living room to be warm, comfortable and inviting. However, that’s not to say that it can’t also be a luxurious space that draws more than a gasp of admiration from visitors.

These days luxurious doesn’t have to mean expensive. Just take a look at these tips for some inspiration…

Keep things clean, clear and simple

The most luxurious living rooms are often the simplest, with muted, elegant color schemes and an atmosphere that’s relaxed without too much fuss or clutter. Keep things simple with ivory, cream, tan, beige or light grey on the walls, and pay close attention to clever, yet cost-effective storage solutions that will keep personal belongings out of sight. Floating shelves, hidden drawers, and concealed cupboards will ensure your living space appears light, bright and luxurious, with very little effort or expense.

Don’t be afraid to play with texture

Luxury could be reflected in the textures you choose for your living room. Well, who wants to play it safe if they could be experimenting with new sensations? A plush rug will add a luxurious finish in no time at all, while exposed brick and woodwork, glass, and metal will add elegance without dominating your living space. What’s more, a few additional textures may prove a real talking point with guests. Materials can often be sourced cheaply at vintage fairs, flea markets, and reclamation yards, so take a look and see what captures your imagination.

Explore practical, cost-effective alternatives

Luxury can come at a real cost if you’re not careful, particularly when it comes to sourcing items that need to serve a purpose as well as looking smart. Tiles and wooden flooring exude elegance while providing an easy to clean surface for busy families on the go. However, they can also be incredibly expensive to lay and maintain.Luxury vinyl tile flooring convincingly mimics the appearance of stone, marbled or wooden flooring without any of the associated costs. It’s also warmer and softer underfoot and serves as a functional alternative to other types of flooring. Your guests will never guess it’s vinyl.

Choose statement pieces

We’re all for keeping it simple, but your home will cry out for some extravagant corners. Your living room is no exception. To keep things classy consider a single, statement wall, or a piece of artwork that will evoke a mood and draw the eye. A statement wall could experiment with color, texture, or pattern, or continue a theme that you have endeavored to introduce via soft furnishings and accessories. Dress your living room to impress without compromising on good taste or luxury.

Consider lighting

To best illuminate the items and textures you’ve chosen to occupy your living room it’s essential that lighting is balanced. A single, centralized bulb can make rooms appear darker and more foreboding, so consider a larger installation. Tactically placed free-standing lamps or cleverly positioned mirrors to reflect existing light work especially well. This injection of light will make your living room appear larger and more inviting while enhancing your efforts throughout the room. Besides, those decorative lamps will ramp up the luxe in no time at all and needn’t cost the earth.


Who says you can’t have living room luxury without spending the earth? These quick and simple ideas can turn any lounge or living room into an elegant boudoir in no time at all, and you won’t find yourself out of pocket either.