Looking Your Very Best This Summer

This time of year means many of our diaries are filled with special occasions where we want to look our very best.  It is possible now to have some highly effective enhancements made even a few days before an event.    Dr Tatiana Lapa at her Harley Street located, ‘The Studio Clinic’ offers a facial sculpting package which works wonders.


The treatment takes around an hour, and comprises a consultation to discuss areas of concern and what can be achieved, followed by number of virtually painless injections of firstly local anaesthetic, and then advanced and safe fillers (which can be dissolved if wanted).     Typically,  these would be to the cheekbones, chin and jawline to sharpen and define and bring other features into proportion and symmetry.


The results are instant and long lasting, and as there is little or no bruising or swelling, you could head back to work straightaway and look amazing at an event within a day or two.


Dr Lapa is an expert in her field, and you would be in very safe and artistic hands.   She is a Doctor (BSc Aerospace Physiology, MBBS, MRCGP) and an experienced Aesthetic Specialist with a background in Surgery, Dermatology and General Practice.  www.studioclinic.co.uk


Dr Tatiana Lapa

Dr Tatiana Lapa