Lunch Break Body Contouring


Stubborn fat on the stomach, flanks, upper arms and thighs can be hard to shift, despite vigorous exercise and diet. The way we store fat varies from person to person with genetics, lifestyle and diet influencing how and where it is stored.


Always at the cutting-edge of the latest, evidence-based treatment innovations, the Cadogan Clinic offers a non-surgical solution to combat the fat with SculpSure™, the first FDA-cleared laser treatment for non-invasive fat reduction. The controlled light-based technology is a perfect solution for patients looking to eliminate stubborn fat fast, effectively and permanently.


Results are evident around 6 weeks post treatment with optimum results visible at 13 weeks. Whilst the fat cells are permanently destroyed, a follow up treatment is advised after 4 weeks in order to refine and achieve the very best results.


SculpSure can be carried out on most areas of the body with the stomach, flanks, upper arms and thighs being the most popular treatment areas.


The Science:

The laser energy heats fat cells under the skin (known as lipolysis), which damages their structural integrity. These damaged cells are then processed and eliminated by the body’s lymphatic system.


The Treatment:

Special applicators lie flat on the skin and heat the fat layer whilst also cooling the skin’s surface for comfort. The treatment takes a total of 25 minutes, so it’s easy to fit into a lunch break and there is no down time, so you can return home or back to work straight away. It’s a great non-surgical fat reduction treatment that will help shift stubborn fat.


The Tolerance:

Whilst most people experience minimal pain throughout the treatment (intermittent warmth/cooling, tingling sensations), this can vary from person to person. No damage is caused to the dermal tissue with SculpSure and the treatment is suitable for all skin types.


The Team:

The Cadogan Clinic understands that each person is unique and has different treatment needs. The wide range of integrated procedures and medically-validated treatments available at the Cadogan Clinic are administered by the industry’s best doctors and aestheticians to optimise patient outcomes.


The Cadogan Clinic:

The Cadogan Clinic is one of the UK’s leading cosmetic surgery and aesthetic treatment practices. The industry-leading team of consultants practice at the vanguard of clinical medicine, using the latest treatment and surgical innovations to deliver outstanding results. Specialising in cosmetic surgery procedures, non-surgical cosmetic treatments, dermatology and Mole Check, the Cadogan Clinic is passionate about pioneering change.