Monaco Boat Show: 5 Must See Highlights

Few industry trade shows can lay claim to offer the glamour, jaw-dropping designs and pure scale that defines the annual Monaco Yacht Show.

And this year, the 25th edition of the show, will be the biggest yet. Running for four days from September 23-26 in the historical Port Hercules, it will be attended by 33,000 guests, who will see the world’s finest Super Yachts. The world’s leading yacht builders, designers and brokers will be among 500 exhibitors at the show.

It wasn’t always like this. Back in late 1980’s, Monaco – despite being the international centre of the yachting industry – had no formal show to showcase its offerings to a global audience. As a result, the Yacht Show was established; in its first incarnation, the 1991 show featured just 30 yachts whose average length was 32 metres. This year, there will be 120 yachts on show and the average yacht length exceeds 47 metres.

And this trend of bigger, sexier, brasher yachts looks set to continue. Sales of super yachts have more than doubled in the past five years, and the industry, currently valued at £23bn, is predicted to grow to over £33bn by 2020.

Here are five highlights of this year’s upcoming show:

1) Silverfast. Measuring at 77m, Silverfast is not only the biggest new-build super yacht to grace this year’s show, but also claims the title of the world’s fastest and largest aluminium vessel. Capable of reaching 27 knots, eight passenger rooms across three decks can hold 18 guests. The sun deck features an outdoor cinema, eight-person jacuzzi and fully equipped spa area, whilst the yacht is also equipped with a “touch and go” helipad.

2) BALISTA. A 2013 build that is essentially a brand new yacht, having never been used by its current owner, BALISTA sleeps up to 12 guests across 6 staterooms whilst serviced by a crew of 10. Featuring an impressive maximum speed of 25 knots and luxurious Mark Berryman-designed interior, this 46-metre yacht flies under a British flag and is on the market for €19m through Yachting Partners International.


3) Deepflight. Of course, no world-beating super yacht is complete without its gizmos and gadgets. Yacht submarine Deepflight will be showcasing two new designs at this year’s show, including the 5.9m Super Falcon Mark II submarine. Suitable for most super yachts, the submarine can perform barrel rolls and navigate through submerged canyons at a depth of up to 120m. Being purely electric, it is eco-friendly too.

4) Glider SS18. Arguably the most distinctive tender/day boat to go on view at the Monaco Yacht Show, the SS18 has been designed by UK builders Glider Yachts. Featuring two hulls that took more than seven years to design, the yacht can reach speeds of over 70mph. But fear not – an innovative stability control system will ensure you and your cocktails won’t go flying overboard.

5) Luxury brands and designers. Whilst the yachts themselves naturally tend to dominate proceedings at the Monaco Yacht Show, the designers and luxury brands found on many of the leading super yachts have a strong presence too. The likes of Wiener Silbur Manufactur, Linley, crystal brand Baccarat and furniture creators Pitt-Pollaro will all be showcasing their wares to ensure that even those not investing in a luxury yacht needn’t go home empty-handed.