Six Top Tops For E-Commerce Success

As e-commerce store owners or managers, the to-do list can always seem a little daunting. Whether you’re looking at a series of small incremental changes or a full site-wide re-design to boost your store’s performance in 2018, there are always improvements to make. At Rotate° we work with luxury and lifestyle e-commerce brands, helping them convert more customers through continually refining the shopping experience. There are many ways that brands can improve their website in-house, so if you only do six things to your website this year, do these and you’re sure to get positive results.


Test, test and A/B test again


E-commerce never stands still and neither should your store. Through a continual testing and optimisation process, called A/B testing, you can gradually improve your site-wide conversion rates and increase sales. There are a number of apps available to help you test things like the colour of buttons, copy and descriptions, through to product page layouts. Services like VWO or Optimizelywork well for this. Always experiment these small tests to a small percentage of your audience before making site-wide changes to your store.


Better brand storytelling through high quality imagery


Many store-owners overlook the need for high quality images to sell their products. This not only means crisp images but also ones that highlight any details, give a sense of scale, show how to be worn/used and even the lifestyle associated with your brand. When shopping online we buy with our eyes, so check that the images really showcase your products.


Plug the holes in the sales funnel


In 2017, more than 75% of customers abandoned their carts, but there are steps you can take to minimise this. First, ensure there are no surprises when customers reach the cart by displaying delivery costs and dates on the product pages themselves. Once a customer is at the checkout stage keep the user experience as easy as possible, with optional account creation, only ask for essential information and ensure that the cart webpage loads promptly.
Ship it free, as standard


Whenever consumers are surveyed, free shipping regularly comes out as the number one incentive to shop online. It may mean increasing your prices slightly to cover costs, but offering free shipping either across the board or above a certain basket value can convince that first-time customer into making a purchase.


Tempt potential customers with reminders and incentives


If you’re using a hosted e-commerce solution such as Shopify or BigCommerce, the ability to email customers who abandon their cart before purchase comes out of the box. Test what time delay from cart-abandonment provides the best results. Similarly a discount offer can also be effective at converting customers. But make sure that any data-collection you perform on the website isGDPR compliant ahead of this being enforced from May 2018.


Bring personalisation to life in the browser
If you sell products that can be personalised, a way to improve conversion rates is to provide a visual for how the personalisation will appear on the final product. We recently helped Not-Another-Bill increase performance by 39% with a site-wide re-design that included a personalisation visualiser with a number of options, all of which update in the browser in real-time.