Special Anniversary for Automotive Entrepreneur Icon

Anniversary for Automotive Entrepreneur

Leading luxury dealer group H.R. Owen is celebrating a very special anniversary for its most famous and celebrated showroom, as Jack Barclay Bentley turns 90 years of age in 2017.

Since opening his very first showroom in Mayfair in 1927, Jack Barclay has been an icon of the automotive industry and a cherished part of the affluent district’s past, present and future.

Barclay’s first eponymous business was launched just off Hanover Square in 1927, but such was his success and need to expand that he moved to the iconic Berkeley Square site in 1953.

Despite having to wait 14 years to move in thanks to World War II and the operations that followed, Barclay’s position as the global luxury car power remained. Now, in 2017, Jack Barclay Bentley remains the king of the showroom world.

Staying at the top of the showroom charts for 90 years is testament to just how big an empire Barclay built all of that time ago – a time when the world had only just managed to perform the first transatlantic phone call from London to New York.

Back in 1927, the average house price in the UK was just £619, now that figure is pushing the £300,000 mark. Meanwhile the price of an ounce of gold was slumped at £4.75 – in 2017, an ounce costs £1,011 and is showing no signs of diminishing.

As for cars, a top-of-the-range Bentley 4½ Litre Blower would have set you back around £1,000. Now, step inside Jack Barclay Bentley in Mayfair and pick up a Mulsanne Speed for £252,000.

H.R. Owen took over the business at the turn of the century to fittingly bring together the pinnacle of luxury dealers with the pinnacle of luxury showrooms. Since then, it’s kicked on and only enhanced its superpower status.

Business is as booming now as it was back in 1927, with Jack Barclay Bentley still doing what it does best: selling the best cars in the world with the unique touch of H.R. Owen adding gloss and exemplary service to the experience.

In 2016, Jack Barclay Bentley celebrated a 60% increase in year-on-year sales to fully demonstrate the brand’s desirability; plus it will be modernising in many areas this year courtesy of a full refurbishment.

Mark Brown, General Manager of Jack Barclay Bentley, said: “We are very excited to celebrate our 90th anniversary this year and tell this amazing story to the world. The fact that Jack Barclay has been an ever-present in Mayfair for such a long time is testament to the man himself for creating such an icon. Customers come from far and wide to buy their Bentley from Jack Barclay, just to have that famous name on their number plate. This isn’t just a car dealership, nor is it just a Bentley dealership – it’s the one and only Jack Barclay Bentley. Here’s to the next 90 years.”