The Gastro-files: Three Choirs Vineyard

Gaze out of the window at Three Choirs Vineyard in Gloucestershire and you could easily be in Southern France, Western Australia or California. And that’s just one of the reason’s that Three Choirs is the most awarded single estate wine producer in the UK.

Three Choirs was originally the dream of wine lover Alan McKechnie, who decided to transform his fruit farm into the thriving vineyard it is today back in 1972. Now managed by Thomas Shaw, the vineyard has grown alongside England’s burgeoning reputation for wine as a must visit for food and drink aficionados alike.

Three Choirs offers wine and food lovers a choice of overnight accommodation, including boutique ‘Vineyard’ hotel rooms adjacent to the restaurant and three stunning lodges that nestle amongst the vines. You can even enjoy a breakfast hamper on your doorstep each morning or a locally sourced barbeque pack from the restaurant in the summer months.

The restaurant run by General Manager Darren Leonard serves locally sourced, seasonal British dishes all year round; perfectly complemented by the range of Three Choirs wines.

The daily wine tours begin at the courtyard and saunter down to the vines, where you’ll learn about the rich history and different varieties of grape and growing method. Proceed to the winery where the different production methods for sparkling, white and red wine are explained with fascinating detail. The journey from grape to glass ends at the gift shop with an opportunity to sample three of Three Choirs’ finest. There is also a vineyard audio and numerous nature trails on offer.

Three Choirs Vineyard is also the perfect base for a tranquil break to explore the nearby Cotswolds and step over the border in to Herefordshire to discover cider country, making it one of the best active weekend getaways in the country.