What do your doodles reveal about your personality?

Extrovert, control freak, A-Type, recluse…www.cats.org.uk share some very revealing celebrity scribbles

We’ve all been there. You’re on a long conference call that has nothing to do with you, you’ve got an empty page in front of you and you’re twirling a pen. Then you absent mindedly think, doodle. What happens next reflects your personality, as the minute you start spiralling your imagination shows a lot about you.


At the launch of Cats Protection’s Celebrity Paws, we caught up with celebrity psychologist Dr Becky Spelman to help us see how doodles show our personality. Recognise yourself in here?



Aisleyne’s Celebrity Paw has a playful spirit. Rounded letters show a creative flourish, and the eye and heart show an awareness of herself – she was in the moment when she did this. It’s also interesting to note the fingernails are drawn in, which demonstrates that Aisleyne is keen on presenting herself to the world at all times.

Alan Dedicoat:

Alan Dedicoat paw

Alan’s Celebrity Paw is simple and clean. Alan shows clear signs of being grounded, and I would suspect he doesn’t get his heads lost in the clouds too often, judging by his drawing.


Ali Bastian:

Ali Bastian paw

Ali’s Celebrity Paw is bold and creative, showing a side of her that suggests she is a ‘right side of the brain’ thinker. Ali has really taken time to do something different, which suggests she is a committer, but it’s her concentric triangles that intrigue me the most – these suggest a deeply spiritual person, with a love of people.


Andrew Collins:

Andrew Collins paw

Andrew’s Celebrity Paw is arresting – this suggests that Andrew is the kind of person who is comfortable making himself the centre of attention, and strongly suggests an extroverted personality type. The regularity of the black cats suggests a strong willed and order character, and the ‘Note to self’ aspect of his message suggests he takes responsibility for his life.


Bobby George:

Bobby George paw

Bobby’s Celebrity Paw is comical and playful. He is famous for his jewellery and it’s interesting that he includes this in his paw, as it appears it has become a part of him, as have his darts. There is a delicacy to his drawing that suggests he is a sensitive character, and a boldness to his lines that suggests he is a person with a strong sense of self.


DJ Fresh:

Dan Stein (DJ Fresh) Paw

DJ Fresh’s Celebrity Paw is delicate and light, with a central message of warmth and love. This suggests that he is a compassionate and caring person, with the fire being a direct sign of homely love. The spider on his little finger is an interesting addition, and suggests that, whilst he is kind and giving, there is a playful darker edge to him, that most likely helps inspire his work.


Danny Mac:

Danny Mac paw

Danny’s Celebrity Paw is an eclectic mix of spiritual and loving symbols and quotes, that suggests a person with a varied life, full of joy and adventure. There is so much to unpack here, but the thing that intrigues me most is the start of the noughts and crosses game – just one nought suggests that Danny has a playful side, and very much sees himself at the start of his life, which is a very positive place to be.


David Squires:

David Squires paw

David’s Celebrity Paw is as eye catching as you would expect an artist to create. However, it’s the wide and soulful eyes of his cat that demand attention, and dare the viewer to look back. This flipping of who is watching who suggests an artist who enjoys playing with convention, and who is more comfortable viewing his audience than being viewed himself.


Elaine Paige:

Elaine Paige paw

Elaine’s Celebrity Paw is mischievous, and suggests a playful and sensitive personality. The cat is peeking out naughtily and the whiskers are boldly splashed across the page, which shows a person who can appear sensible and demure at times, but very cheeky and fun loving at other times. The tail across her palm also shows an edge that she will find very useful in her creative moments.


Gemma Atkinson:

Gemma Atkinson paw

Gemma’s Celebrity Paw is bold in its understatement. Gemma’s hand is spread wide across the page, indicating a confidence in herself, with a clear sharp line around her paw. The padded footprints go upwards, which indicate a person who has focussed ambition, and who is able to visualise a goal and achieve it.


JJ Hamblett:

JJ Hamblett paw

JJ’s Celebrity Paw is created with his younger sister, and this explains the different messages we can see in this doodle. His hand is spread quite wide, but he keeps his three central fingers closer together, which indicates a person who appears very confident, but is still sensitive. His sister’s symbols show a real pride in her brother, and the familial bond is made clear with their matching of each other’s detail elements.


Joey Essex:

Joey Essex paw

Joey’s Celebrity Paw is almost impressionistic in its composition, and shows a personality that is creative and sometimes chaotic, which often go hand in hand (or paw in paw, in this case). Joey has created simple lines, but has done so in a loose way, which show a personality type that is comfortable with change, and the relative boldness of his catchphrase shows a person with an understanding of his public image.


Kerry Ellis:

Kerry Ellis paw

Kerry’s Celebrity Paw is bright and glamorous, and most likely inspired by her years working in theatre, with all the creativity and performance that demands. There is a real sense of movement in the doodle, and the stars create a visually arresting sense of ordered chaos. Interestingly, the biggest star is right in the centre, and this may be due to the importance of theatre’s spotlight.


Lincoln Townley:

Lincoln Townley paw

Lincoln’s Celebrity Paw is the darkest paw on show, and shows an artist with a clear sense of direction. The reds give a raw energy to the piece, and the eyes piercing out show an artist with an anger about his work. The central message that ‘I Am Alive’ really comes out to the viewer, revealing a personality type at the cutting edge of their talent and ambition, which confronts the viewer.


Mat Whitecross:

Mat Whitecross paw

Mat’s surrealist Celebrity Paw is perhaps the most complex to read into, as it shows a personality type that is both engaging and eye catching, but also hidden. I suspect that Mat is only really understood by his close friends, but he breezes through life with many friends and colleagues, with his fun and playful sense of mischief. The most illuminating element of this appears to be the eye,, which gives sharp focus over the cartoonish backdrop – this is a man who sees much.


Peter Egan:

Peter Egan paw

Peter’s Celebrity Paw shows a kind and giving personality type, with an exceptionally open demeanour. He has a sense of welcoming candour, and his lightness shines through his work. I suspect that Peter is the kind of person who engages with people on a human level, and allows for open and deep empathy.


Robin Windsor:

Robin Windsor paw

Robin’s Celebrity Paw is bold and friendly and glamorous. He has clearly taken a long time to stud along the outlines, which show a person who cares very much about the work he is involved in, and the hand appears to be waving, which shows someone very comfortable in company. I suspect Robin is a real people person, with high degrees of breezy charm.


Tamer Hassan:

Tamer Hassan paw

Tamer’s Celebrity Paw is a really interesting and complex web of messages. His hand is spread ultra wide, which is usually the sign of an ultra extrovert, and his core message is one of the importance of family. However, the most unlikely element of this is his goofing around with the playful cartoon lion, showing a man who doesn’t take himself too seriously.



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