What sets billionaires apart?

  1. Billionaires have detached emotion from money, and see it as a tool for creation. A billionaire is a bit like a sculptor. They mould and manipulate money to create something truly splendid!
  2. They have removed their self limiting beliefs when it comes to their ability to create money. They know that, if someone else has done it somewhere else in the world, there is no reason why they can’t do it too.
  3. They are prepared to take risks. Billions seldom come to those who chose to play safe!
  4. They think outside of the box. Billions come from taking the ordinary, and then finding a way to make it extraordinary. People who think in straight lines, and emulate rather than create, will find those billions elusive.
  5. Billionaires have swung the power to their favour. While most people feel beholden to banks, or bound to the rules of others, billionaires have become kings in their empire. The banks answer to them, rather than the other way round. They create the rules, because they are often the, or at least a, source of income for businesses and individuals, charities and other areas of influence.
  6. Their levels of confidence are unshakeable. When a billionaire walks into the room, he or she tends to ooze that x-factor that has set them apart in their ability to conquer their world. Most billionaires have not skimped on their education, and are incredibly hard workers, often paying the price for their money along the way, in broken relationships, neglected personal lives, less fun and recreation. The upside of course is that they usually don’t battle to make up for this when the billions are in place!
  7. Billionaires have worked out how best to make their money work for them, rather than them working for their money. They have learnt the art of leverage – of their time, their money their knowledge and their influence, as well as learning how to leverage the time, money, knowledge and influence of others.
  8. A key difference that is common between millionaires and billionaires, is that billionaires have usually shared wealth on their way up the ladder. They are less likely to be tight fisted with their income, knowing full well that to get the right people around them is going to cost them money. But they know it is worth it.
    They never stop investing in their business and in their people.
  9. Billionaires tend to be comfortable employing real talent in key areas of their business. While many others tend to guard their position carefully by maintaining the illusion of optimum knowledge by partnering or employing others who know slightly less than them, billionaires will employ the best they can find in each area of their businesses.

If we look at the billionaires that come to mind when people think of the term:

Donald Trump is renowned for thinking outside of the box. For challenging the banks when his business cash flow has been tight, or even been in the negative. He is ballsy enough to back his beliefs with oodles of confidence and an innate knowledge that he can turn the situation around.

Richard Branson is the man most people think of when it comes to being a slightly eccentric, fun loving billionaire. Yet despite his seemingly casual and youthful approach to his life and his fortune, beneath this exterior is a man who famously employs the best people he can find to head up his various businesses. He is always thinking ahead of the pack. Here is a man to whom hundreds of people have already paid £250k for a chance to be one of the first passengers in his yet to be completed supersonic mission to fly us outside of the pull of the earth’s atmosphere! That takes some doing!

Bill Gates, the slightly awkward billionaire geek gives the vast majority of his earnings to charities, but he does this in a relatively low-key manner. He has mastered the art of leverage so well, that his knowledge, his money, and his business, create so much money that he literally gives it away as fast as he makes it, safe in the knowledge that the flow is incredibly unlikely to dry up. Money is no longer an emotional crutch to him. It is a tool with which he knows he can change the lives of literally millions of people

How would you best become a billionaire?
Have you got knowledge, education, and sheer tenacity to be able to fail over and over again, and yet still persist in your quest?

Are you prepared to keep investing vast sums of money in your business, and in the people who can help you to take the ordinary, and turn it into the extraordinary?

Do your hoard money, or worry about it constantly, allowing your emotion to keep you it’s slave, rather than it’s master, or do you let it flow freely, creating a raging torrent of cash where first you started with a little stream?

Do you ooze confidence in your ability to change the world, not just in your dreams, but in solid, constant, innovative practical ways?

Are you prepared to make your millions, and then risk those millions against the possibility of billions? And have you got the guts to potentially lose it all, and then start again, and never lose sight of your dream?

Have you got the ability to inspire others to believe in what you can do, produce or supply? Do you think outside of the box, and keep ahead of the pack in your chosen field? Are you a hard worker?

A doer, rather than a talker? Are you one of those who takes thinking and dreaming, and turns it into doing and creating?

For you, is the sky still the limit, or are you prepared to propel yourself into the stratosphere?

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