World’s Most Expensive Wine Cellar to be Built

Berry Bros. & Rudd has invested £3million to build a new wine “cellar” to store its clients’ wines in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

The new bonded wine warehouse can hold a mammoth 2 million bottles of wine.

The investment will mean that Berrys will run what is generally reckoned to be the most valuable single cellar in the world – with wines worth £550million currently stored across its three cellaring facilities. The expansion means there is now space to cellar and mature 8.3 million bottles of wine (or 815,000 cases).

The new cellar is temperature and humidity-controlled so that the wines are stored in the perfect condition to ensure they develop and mature properly – in some cases over decades before they are ready to drink. The warehouses are equipped with state-of-the-art security to ensure that the millions of pounds of wine are kept safely.

Berrys has made the investment as demand has grown from users of Berrys’ Broking Exchange (BBX) – the online trading platform that enables customers to buy and sell wine from and to each other. The business also stores and matures wines for its customers across the three wine warehouses.

Simon Berry, Chairman of Berry Bros. & Rudd said of the investment:

“Over the years, Berrys’ customers demand that we deliver the best facilities for their prized collections to be stored.

“Our investment in meeting that demand and the trust our customers have in Berrys to care for their wines – has meant we now have 27,000 customers making use of our cellaring. As a result, we now look after wines worth over half a billion pounds on their behalf – making Basingstoke home to one of the most valuable cellars the world over.

“The success of Berrys’ Broking Exchange service has meant that a new generation of wine collectors and investors are making use of our bonded warehouses and we felt the time was right to expand our offering with the opening of this third facility which has already been stocked with wines worth almost £30 million.”