World’s Most Powerful Electric Drive Powerboat Concept Unveiled

From cars to sailing craft – Mercedes-AMG has joined forces with Cigarette Racing, taken components from its gullwing SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive, and integrated them into a stunning off-shore powerboat to create what’s called the ‘Cigarette AMG Electric Drive Concept’.

The high-performance drive fitted in the iconic electric super-sports car makes the off-shore powerboat the world’s fastest and most powerful electrically driven motor boat ever, with an output of 1656 kW, maximum torque of 3,000 Nm and top speed of 99mph. Which may not sound much in terms of road speeds, but on water… it’s another story, however the low centre of gravity, and raft of other technology borrowed from both the SLS and F1, mean the powerboat has pin-sharp handling and stability.